A few months ago, I was invited to consult on an unopened comic strip-themed amusement park in Costa Rica. The concept was very cool. But there was a big storm, a bunch of the comic characters escaped their enclosures and wrecked the place, and I got stranded. Frankly, it was a mess. The word “chaos” doesn’t even scratch the surface. Dagwood figured out how to open doors, Snoopy ate a lawyer, and a bunch of tiny fucking horses from The Oatmeal killed the CEO of the whole company. I guess part of the problem was that some of the characters were having sex with each other because of frogs, despite assurances that was impossible? I dunno. I missed some of the explanation. Anyway, that’s where I’ve been.

And I also had a baby. Or more accurately, I had a baby thrust upon me by my wife’s vagina. It was disgusting. Luckily, this is our third, so I’ve been desensitized to the miracle of life.

Enjoy the comic!