A couple times in grade school I attended an annual art competition called “Sketch Day”. I think it was held on a college campus, but I don’t really remember.

Anyway, a few students go down there, and we’d get a few hours to find something cool and draw it. At the end of the afternoon, the judges would award ribbons to the best in each category. I was always went with the colored pencils.

So, in 7th grade, Sketch Day was held on a particularly hot day. This forced most of the kids inside, away from the oppressive heat. But I though they were all chumps. Sure, I’d be less comfortable, but staying outside would afford me some great lighting. So I found a nice big bell to draw and got to work.

And that’s when I realized my $50 Prismacolor pencils (which I had bought myself after months and months of saving) were wax-based.

I was clued in when my poppy red started melting all over my paper and the old cigar box I kept my pencils in had become a technicolor swamp.

Needless to say, I didn’t win the blue ribbon that year.