BLOG – Dreams

I don’t remember a lot of dreams. And I’ve never had a lucid dream.
Which, I feel, is a little unfair.

Every time I realize I’m in a dream, I just wake up. My brain has no interest in letting me live out my fantasies.
But if I were to experience lucid dreaming, the first thing I’d do is make everything into a cartoon. Because cartoons are awesome.

They’re just so aesthetically appealing. They’re bright and colorful, and everything’s outlined nicely. I think I’d like to have an outline.
And then there’s the sound effects. I can’t express how much I wish random actions had weird corresponding sound effects in the real world. Like a pensive “loop” sound whenever I turn my head. That’d be pretty rad.
Sometimes I make the noises in my head throughout the day.

Which is why I’m surprised my brain doesn’t allow any of this to happen while I sleep.

Maybe it knows I’ll probably get hit with an anvil or something. I assume that hurts, even in the cartoon world. It may take a lot to kill them, or even cause any lasting damage, but cartoon characters still seem to experience a lot of pain throughout their day to day lives.

I suppose my brain’s just trying to protect me from that.
At least that better be the reason.