Check This Out

I’m super proud of the water splashing I drew today. So today I’m just going to describe how I did it.
First of all, I drew everything in three distinct layers. First was the background, consisting of the ocean and sky. Second was the foreground, consisting of the ice and animals. And then the third layer just consisted of the splashing water.

The key to the splashing water was that it had to blend in to the ocean while appearing distinctly visible and semitransparent.
To make it easy to see, I used a light outline when it was backed by the ocean, but a darker blue outline when backed by the sky.
To make it blend while still appearing transparent, I first colored it in with blue similar to the blue used in the ocean and then a very light blue for the foamy edges. Then I combined the colors into one layer and used a diffused eraser tool to make it more transparent the closer it got to the top of the frame.
Then I used a color diffusion tool to spray a light blue all around the splash to blend it all together.

Overall, I think it turned out pretty good. So feel free to stare at this picture for another hour or so to really soak it all in.