BLOG – Galloping Horse

Drawing someone running is always kinda hard. Getting the legs in a position that looks exaggerated in a comedic way while still appearing somewhat physically possible is a challenge.

Usually I try to use some sort of photo for reference, but I can rarely find a picture that’s exactly what I’m looking for. If the angle of the photograph or position of the subject is a little off, the reference becomes worthless.

That being said, I never have that problem with horses because of  the Sallie Gardner at a Gallop sequence.

Taken during 1878, the Sallie Gardner at a Gallop is a sequence of photos of a horse running. It’s one of the first silent films, but was created to figure out whether or not a horse lifts all four legs during a gallop.

They do, if your interested.

Anyway, because of this, it gives a good look at almost every position a horse takes during a gallop. So whenever I need to a draw a horse (or zebra or unicorn or whatever) running, I just go to that. It’s spectacularly helpful.

But personally, I think they need to do this with every single animal on the planet. Spiders, turtles, monkeys, orangutans, gazelles, geese. Everything.

Whoever’s got a camera and some free time should get on that.