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Support Patreon Pig

Today marks the launch of The Other End’s Patreon page, which you can check out here!

What is Patreon? Patreon is kind of like a longterm kickstarter. It allows fans to give back to artists, and allows artists to get some financial support for their work.

So what does this mean for readers of The Other End? Nothing! Unless you want it to. The Other End will always be free to readers, but if you’d like to contribute, you can sign up at Patreon and pledge as little as a dollar a month.

Do patrons receive any special perks? Yes! I’m glad you asked such a thoughtful question. Pledging just a dollar a month gets your name immortalized on the Hall of Fame page.
$5 a month gets you behind the scenes access to my Patreon feed.
$10 a month gets a personalized portrait on the Hall of Fame.
And for $20 a month, your portrait gets to guest star in The Other End!

Thanks for reading, and head on over to my Patreon page to take a look!