Starting Dec 26th, I’ll be going on a month long hiatus. And when I come back, The Other End will be officially relaunched. While I’m gone, I’ll be reworking the design and look of the comic, revamping continuity, and rethinking the way I do storylines. All the characters will return in January (probably along with a few new additions) but they may or may not look a lot different than they do now. That’s part of what I’ll be taking this hiatus to decide.

The Other End Comics will also be rescheduled, with new comics Monday through Friday. On the weekends, I’ll be launching a separate anthology series, where I (along with my wife and cowriter) can explore different concepts and ideas. I don’t have a title yet, but the first storyline will be called ‘The Business of Dragons’.

I’ve been considering a big change like this this for awhile now, and it’s something long overdue. ‘The Other End’ started as a gag-a-day comic with no characters or continuity. About two years ago, I slowly started to change that, but I never really took the time to develop the character design and story structure. This has led to growing pains and my own dissatisfaction with the look of past comics. Plus, there’s an enormous backlog of comics which I worry discourages new readers from diving in. Basically, The Other End has a lot of baggage, and I need to take some time to sort through it all.

Of course, while I’m doing all that, I’ll remain active on Twitter and Patreon, where I’ll try to keep everyone updated on the status of The Other End and the new anthology series.
Thanks for reading, and I’ll try to answer any questions!