BLOG – Drawing Schedule

In my understanding, most cartoonist work a few weeks in advance. Some even work months in advance.
Well I work about no days in advance.
95% of the comics are drawn on the same day that they’re posted. This trend started when I was still in college. I’d spend most of my time working on papers, studying for tests, messing with stupid Blackboard, and actually going to class that I wouldn’t have time to think of comic ideas until the very last minute. Because actually drawing the comics is fairly easy. Usually, that only takes between 2-5 hours. Which isn’t too bad. But thinking of a comic idea takes twice as long.
So anyway, the trend of last minute comic stripping started in college. And in the summer after graduation, I figured I would finally get ahead. My goal was to start working about a week in advance. But a flurry of ideas did not come.
So I just stayed on my schedule of drawing last minute.
I don’t know if it’s easier to think of ideas last minute because I work better under pressure, or my standards just get lower the closer I get to the deadline.
But I’ve come to terms with it, and I supposed it’s worked out pretty well so far.