BLOG – Shakespeare is proof that any pop culture has the chance to become highbrow …

(Disclaimer: I did no research for this brief blog, so a lot of things might be/probably are wrong. Enjoy)

Shakespeare is kinda considered the epitome of high culture and class. But his collective works are full of repetitive storylines, dirty jokes, and cliche characters. Just like Hollywood!
Moreover, he reused plot elements all the time and he pandered to a mass audience. I’m pretty sure he was more interested in selling tickets than becoming some glorious writer of magnificence. Just an idea.

Nowadays, his stuff only sounds so fancy because he wrote in Early Modern English and (mostly) iambic pentameter. Which wasn’t super bizarre at the time. And he wasn’t too subtle with his writing, so that the people in the back could understand what was going on even if the guy next to them was chatting about disease or mud or the monarchy or whatever people talked about those days. Unlike Shakespeare’s plays, most people don’t announce that they’re dying 15 times while they’re in the actual process of dying.
Shakespeare’s style was pretty pragmatic.

But sure, some of his histories and tragedies are a little fancy. A little more upscale than the average sitcom. But he stole a lot of his stories from other sources. He was basically cranking out remake after remake. And he wasn’t even that critically acclaimed in his lifetime. He was popular, but he definitely wasn’t considered the best playwright ever.

Of course, I’m not saying he’s a bad writer or anything. My point is just that anyone who makes fun of someone for watching a blockbuster instead of reading Shakespeare probably doesn’t know a lot about the real world Shakespeare lived in. Just a thought.